Our Vision

Identifying methodologically innovative solutions

There is an urgent need for new methods in the clinical trials arena. Challenges include finding new designs to speed up the evaluation of therapies, identifying cost-effective, evidence-based improvements to trial conduct, improving the analysis of clinical trials, and speeding up reliable evidence synthesis.

Our Programmes

Our methodology programmes are motivated by, and directly relevant to, the real challenges of clinical research, focussing on, but not restricted to those faced in our own studies. Our solutions have been, and will continue to be, methodologically innovative and practically relevant.
Our methodology research consists of four distinct programmes: Design, Conduct, Analysis and Meta-Analysis. The Meta-Analysis Programme is a new development.
Both past and future work demonstrate the close interplay between our clinical studies and methodological developments, which we believe is a distinguishing feature of our research. Crucially, many staff work across methodology and clinical research themes, and further interaction is fostered through whole-unit meetings, seminars and topic specific methodology workshops open to all staff.


We specialise in the development of improved designs for clinical trials and related study types, to enable rapid, efficient and better evaluation of therapies.


We aim to provide an evidence base for trial conduct best practice by developing and evaluating methods to ensure that trials are run effectively and efficiently.


We develop and evaluate methods for the statistical analysis of clinical trials, such that results are robust and make best use of the available data.


We develop the methodology underpinning systematic reviews and meta-analyses and apply it in high-quality reviews relevant to our trials.


We develop openly available software packages to implement our methods.