We carry out innovative clinical trials and develop new methodology which has global impact, improving health worldwide.

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Trial Talk podcast releases new episodes for World AIDS Day

The episodes focus on how our clinical trials are aiming to make antiretroviral therapy more manageable for young people.

01 Dec

Global clinical trial on treating common bloodstream infection launches in the UK

The SNAP trial, which investigates the best way to treat bloodstream infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, opened in the UK this week.

29 Nov

Beyond latent and active tuberculosis

Researchers from the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL have published the first study to systematically review how scientists and medical professionals characterise the different stages of tuberculosis (TB), beyond the bin…

17 Nov

A new toolkit for checking simulation studies

Our methodologists have published an article with guidance on how to check the quality of a simulation study to help prevent errors.

17 Nov

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Cancer cells


Innovative clinical trial design and meta-analysis extending beyond the boundaries of single cancer types



Major international clinical trials answering questions of global public health significance

Neurodegenerative diseases

New generation of innovative multi-arm multi-stage trials to identify and test new therapeutic treatments in neurodegenerative diseases (NDD)


Development of methods with direct impact on the design, conduct and analysis of studies



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This section will capture projects outside the current QQR themes

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