New podcast episode: Neonatal infections (part 1): The NeoOBS study and the global challenge of neonatal sepsis

22 May 2023

A new episode of trial talk has been released today!

In this episode, we talk about the global challenge of neonatal sepsis, a life-threatening infection that affects up to 3 million babies per year.

Reenu Thomas and Adrie Bekker, two neonatologists from South Africa, and Francesca Schiavone, clinical project manager at the MRC CTU at UCL, discuss the challenges of treating sepsis in babies and present the results from an observational study (NeoOBS), which assessed mortality rates of babies with sepsis.

This is the first of two episodes that have a focus on neonatal infections. In the next one, we will explore the NeoSep1 clinical trial which aims to improve treatment for newborns with sepsis.

To access the transcript click here


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