Wanted: people to join a clinical trial methodology Patient and Public Panel

30 Mar 2022

We are setting up a new panel, made up of people who are based in the UK and who can bring their own lived experience and knowledge of their wider communities, to offer advice to our methodology researchers.   

We’re especially interested to receive applications from people who:

  • Have a reasonable understanding of how clinical trials are run
  • Have some experience of active involvement in clinical trials (or another type of health research) from the perspective of being a patient, carer or lay member

Our methodology research aims to answer question including:

  • How can we design better, faster, transparent and more efficient clinical trials?
  • How can clinical trials make better use of information that is collected routinely by the NHS?
  • How can clinical trials be better analysed and presented?
  • How can trial results be brought together to find out more about treatments?

For further information and details about how to apply, please contact Kate Sturgeon, PPI Coordinator for the MRC CTU at UCL, email k.sturgeon@ucl.ac.uk

The closing date for applications is 2nd May.