Di Gibb elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences

18 May 2020

It was announced last week that Di Gibb, Professor of Epidemiology at the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL, has been elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. She is one of 50 of the UK's leading figures within biomedical and health sciences to be elected to the esteemed Fellowship.

The new Fellows have been selected for their exceptional contributions to advancing medical science via world-leading research discoveries, running national science communication and engagement programmes and translating scientific advances into benefits for patients and the public.

Over the last 30 years she set up and coordinated a network of clinical trials and cohorts within the across Europe, Thailand and South America mainly addressing questions in paediatric HIV infection.

Since 1999 her focus has expanded to East and Southern Africa, and more recently to India, where she runs large trials, addressing strategy questions in adult and paediatric HIV infection and more recently her focus has widened to tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis C and antimicrobial resistance, collaborating widely with clinical and research centres.

Much of her work is around making sure that children can access the medicines they need in appropriate formulations, in particular dispersible baby tablets including several drugs together and given according to simple weightband tables.

Di is passionate about helping to develop the capacity of her collaborators around the world, and is involved with teaching on paediatric HIV courses, providing on-the-ground training in clinical trials, and mentoring PhD students.

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