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New methodology papers aim to improve clinical trials monitoring

Methodologists from the MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL have published two papers focusing on issues surrounding the monitoring of clinical trials.

14 Mar

Two-month regimen could dramatically cut length of tuberculosis treatment

A strategy of treating patients with a two-month, intensive antibiotic regimen, followed by close monitoring and re-treatment if required, was as effective at treating tuberculosis (TB) as the standard six-month regimen.…

01 Mar

MRI is cost-effective replacement for CT scans to monitor early stage testicular cancer

New findings from the TRISST study reveal that it would be cost effective to replace potentially harmful CT scans with MRI to monitor men after surgery for early stage testicular cancer.

20 Feb

New low-dose COVID-19 vaccine safely generates immune responses in 80%

A low-dose COVID-19 vaccine harnessing self-amplifying RNA (saRNA) can trigger an immune response in the majority without any serious side effects, according to phase II trial results from the COVAC1 study.

09 Feb

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Development of methods with direct impact on the design, conduct and analysis of studies

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