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Our Capacity Strengthening Hub launches on The Global Health Network today!

The MRC CTU Capacity Strengthening Hub has launched today on The Global Health Network digital platform.

31 Jan

Scotland approves the use of abiraterone in patients with high-risk non-metastatic prostate cancer

NHS Scotland have approved the use of the drug abiraterone to treat patients with prostate cancer at high risk of spreading to other parts of the body.

20 Jan

New podcast episode: Sharing results of clinical trials with participants (part 2)

Tune in to a new episode of the Trial Talk, were we talk to Annabelle South about barriers and challanges of sharing results with trial participants.

24 Nov

STREAM stage 2 study finds all-oral and six-month treatment regimens to be safe and effective

Results from world’s largest clinical trial for Rifampicin-Resistant Tuberculosis show that two new shortened treatment regimens containing the drug bedaquiline are both safe and effective in treating rifampicin resistan…

08 Nov

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Research Themes


Innovative clinical trial design and meta-analysis extending beyond the boundaries of single cancer types


Major international clinical trials answering questions of global public health significance

Neurodegenerative diseases

New generation of innovative multi-arm, multi stage platform clinical trials to identify and test new therapeutic treatments in neurodegenerative diseases


Development of methods with direct impact on the design, conduct and analysis of studies

Other Research & Policy

This section will capture projects outside the current QQR themes