Chiara, Data Scientist

Helping to support the development and use of clinical trial database systems.

My job is to help support the development and use of clinical trial database systems for the studies undertaken at the unit, as well as data management support and training. I'm part of the Data Management Systems group, which consists of programmers, business analysts, and data scientists.

I contribute to database development, which can involve taking on a project management role.

One of my main roles is to contribute to database development which can involve taking on a project management role, gathering database requirements and writing associated documentation, advising on case report form design, metadata completion and maintenance and on database testing procedures. I also provide data management support to trial teams particularly by being involved in the development and maintenance of the trial's Data Management Plan and the data querying and reporting processes.

Leading and implementing best practice in data management.

Part of my role is to lead on the development, implementation and training of best practice and standardised approaches to data management, according to Good Clinical Practice standards, to ensure the completeness and validity of study data. I also have the opportunity to conduct and contribute to methodological research within the unit.

My degree in Biological Sciences provided me with a good scientific background and transferable data management skills. I progressed to Data Scientist after working as a Data Manager on a clinical trial for 3 years which allowed me to become familiar with clinical trial data management procedures. I have to be very organised, detail-oriented and self-motivated with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. I also need strong interpersonal skills since a large part of my job involves communicating clearly, both written and orally, with many different people.