Adam, Data Manager

Working on two trials in HIV

I work on two trials in HIV. One of which has recently had the results presented at the International Aids Conference in Amsterdam.

My main responsibility is to oversee the collection of data in trials and to ensure the quality of the data.

The other trial I work on has only just started and begun to recruit participants. I am therefore experiencing trials at very different parts of their lifespan.

My main responsibility over both trials is to oversee the collection of data in these trials and to ensure the quality of these data is accurate.

The data are submitted by hospitals / site staff and then checked before it is entered onto our database which has been tested and developed to meet the requirements of the trial. It is my responsibility to make sure the data are entered in a timely fashion and are consistent.

The data then go to the statistician, who might ask me to query more things with the doctors and trial teams. 

I also assist the Trial Manager with the overall running of the trials.

Writing and updating trial documentation

We write and update various trial documents such as data management plans and various working practices. We have to ensure that the trials are running in accordance with the Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

A typical day might involve issuing a set of queries to caresites.

A typical day might involve issuing a set of queries to caresites for data that has been submitted that needs further clarification or that is inconsistent.

I also attend a social committees meeting to discuss the plans for the next Summer or Christmas event.

As I am a member of several committees within the unit my roles provides me with several opportunities to utilise an array of different transferrable skills. I am also on the web committee which enables me to use my visual creative skills.

A large part of my job involves communicating clearly, both written and orally, with many different people. Although I work as part of team, I often have to make decisions following guidance from trial documents, such as manuals of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or protocols.

I have worked at MRC CTU for almost 7 years now and started as a trials assistant. I developed my skills in order to become a Data manager. There are opportunities for training relevant to my current role.

This job provides me with the experience necessary for promotion to jobs such as trial or project manager, particularly as I work across different trials and also due to developing my skills in database development there is also a potential to become a data scientist.