Sheena McCormack, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology

Sheena is a clinical epidemiologist whose research focus is the development and implementation of biomedical interventions to prevent, or at least reduce the risk of acquiring HIV.

Since 1994, she has worked on Phase I/II HIV vaccine trials in Europe and Africa. Current collaborations include MucoVac, TaMoVac, CUTHIVac and the UK HIV Vaccine Consortium, all with Imperial College. From 2000, Sheena has been the co-Principal Investigator of the Microbicides Development Programme (MDP), a multi-disciplinary public-private partnership. The Phase III clinical trial enrolled 9,385 women through six research centres in Southern Africa and reported in 2009, disappointingly observing no benefit.

Four of six trials that have reported in full, or in part, have confirmed that tenofovir-based regimens can reduce the risk of HIV acquisition when taken by HIV negative individuals. This is highly relevant to the UK HIV epidemic and Sheena’s research interests have now expanded to encompass questions relevant to the implementation of oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in the UK. She is Chief Investigator on the PROUD trial, a UK pilot study in men who have sex with men.

Sheena has been a Consultant in HIV/ Genitourinary (GU) Medicine since 1991, initially at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospitals and since 1996 at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital working at 56 Dean Street in Soho. She is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at Imperial College.

Selected publications

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Dunn DT, Glidden DV, Stirrup OT, McCormack S. (2018) The averted infections ratio: a novel measure of effectiveness of experimental HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis agents. Lancet HIV. Jun; 5(6): e329-e334. Doi: 10.1016/S2352-3018(18)30045-6. (Viewpoint) PMID: 29893246

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McCormack S, Ramjee G, Kamali A, Rees H, Crook A, Gafos M, Jentsch U, Pool R, Chisembele M, Kapiga S, Mutemwa R, Vallely A, Palanee T, Sookrajh Y, Lacey CJ, Darbyshire J, Grosskurth H, Profy A, Nunn A, Hayes R, Weber J. PRO2000 vaginal gel for the prevention of HIV infection: results of the MDP301 Phase III randomised microbicide trial. The Lancet 2010 376: 1329-37.

McCormack S, Stöhr W, Barber T, Bart PA, Harari A, Moog C, Ciuffreda D, Cellerai C, Cowen M, Gamboni R, Burnet S, Legg K, Brodnicki E, Wolf H, Wagner R, Heeney J, Frachette MJ, Tartaglia J, Babiker A, Pantaleo G, Weber J.  EV02: A Phase I trial to compare the safety and immunogenicity of HIV DNA-C prime-NYVAC-C boost to NYVAC-C alone. Vaccine 2008, 26(25):3162-74. PMID: 18502003.

Research Interests

  • The development and implementation of new technologies for HIV prevention:
    • vaccines
    • microbicides (when drug is delivered directly to the genital tract)
    • pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • The integration of anthopological research into clinical trials protocols to better understand risk and adherence behaviours


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