Sheena McCormack, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology

Sheena McCormack has worked on HIV prevention trials since 1994, was awarded a Chair at Imperial College in 2012, and at UCL in 2017. Her clinical attachment, now honorary, is to 56 Dean Street, which is part of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

She has worked on early phase trials and experienced both extremes of effectiveness trials: a vaginal microbicide trial with over 9,000 women enrolled through four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa that ran to conclusion but observed no benefit, and the PROUD PrEP pilot that enrolled just over 500 men who have sex with men through sexual health clinics in England, which reported early due to high incidence in those with no access to PrEP and overwhelming benefit from PrEP.

Subsequently she has worked on a large PrEP trial in England, an internet trial of self-testing, a COVID-19 vaccine trial, and currently on a multi-arm HIV prevention trial in Sub-Saharan Africa and a prophylactic HIV vaccine trial in Europe.   

Selected publications

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McCormack S, Ramjee G, Kamali A, Rees H, Crook A, Gafos M, Jentsch U, Pool R, Chisembele M, Kapiga S, Mutemwa R, Vallely A, Palanee T, Sookrajh Y, Lacey CJ, Darbyshire J, Grosskurth H, Profy A, Nunn A, Hayes R, Weber J. PRO2000 vaginal gel for the prevention of HIV infection: results of the MDP301 Phase III randomised microbicide trial.  The Lancet.  2010 376: 1329-37. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(10)61086-0. PMID:20851460


Research Interests

  • The development and implementation of new technologies for HIV prevention:
    • vaccines
    • microbicides (when drug is delivered directly to the genital tract)
    • pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • The integration of anthopological research into clinical trials protocols to better understand risk and adherence behaviours


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