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Clinical Trials Units are encouraged to integrate Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) into all aspects of trial design, running and oversight. This research explored the induction and training of PPI Contributors joining trial oversight committees and was used to update the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit at University College London’s (MRC CTU at UCL) induction pack for new PPI Contributors.

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Discussion paper exploring PPI in trials looking at short term conditions – e.g. pneumonia.

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An induction pack for patients who get involved in our trial governance committees – trial management groups, trial steering committees and independent data monitoring committees.

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This paper explores how participants have been actively involved in some of our clinical trials and the impact this has had.

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Patient information sheets are an important way to help people to decide whether or not to take part in a trial. This template helps researchers to present information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. You can download the template [here] (CTUWebsite/Patients & Public/template) and the guidance that goes with it [here] (CTUWebsite/Patients & Public/guidance). You’ll need to add your contact details in the pop-up window to do this - we only use this information to help us monitor the uptake of this template.

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This guidance aims to explain how the Patient Information Sheet template can be adjusted for alternative requirements.

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Case studies that describe PPI in clinical trials, meta-analysis and an observational study. It shows how people were involved and the impact this had.

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This survey, undertaken in 2012, showed that most of our researchers felt that there were clear benefits from involving patients and the public in the design and running of trials. As a result of this survey, the PPI Group increased its efforts to get PPI established across all trials at the MRC CTU.

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Describes how we involved women affected by cervical cancer in a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data to evaluate treatments for cervical cancer, and the impact this had on the research, the researchers and the women affected by cervical cancer who got involved.

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This sets out our commitment to PPI and the values that underpin this. The policy was approved by our Senior Management Team in 2012. For a copy of the policy, please email us.

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This gives advice to researchers who design and carry out systematic reviews on how best to involve patients and the public. The guidance is published by INVOLVE.

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Advice to researchers who design and conduct clinical trials on how best to involve patients and the public. The guidance is published by INVOLVE.

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Advice on how to involve people affected by cancer in MRC CTU cancer trials and studies.

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